Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian wax, our specialty, makes you feel clean and sexy! Gone with all the hairs!  The super soft skin gives your confidence a major boost! Women that have chosen the Brazilian wax are very satisfied, their only regret is not starting sooner.

Not ready to say goodbye to all the hairs just yet? You can choose to leave a landing strip or choose the Bikini+ instead. In this treatment we will remove all the hairs, except those on the labia’s and those between the butt cheeks. - Brazilian Wax Jars

              Hotwax                vs                    Sugaring

You still do not know what to choose? 

No problem! Indicate that it is your first time during the booking and our waxing expert will take their time to figure out with you, which method suits your type of hair, skin, and desires best. Here at Floxx we value a personal approach.